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Navigating Medicare Enrollment Periods - A Comprehensive Guide


Embark on a journey to understand the critical Medicare enrollment periods with "The Medicare Compass with Niki". In this essential video, Niki expertly guides you through the maze of Medicare enrollment, simplifying complex information into an easy-to-follow format.


🔹 What You'll Learn:

- Initial Enrollment Period (IEP): Unravel the intricacies of your first opportunity to enroll in Medicare, covering the crucial seven-month window around your 65th birthday.

- General Enrollment Period (GEP): Discover what happens if you miss your IEP and how to navigate enrollment from January to March.

- Special Enrollment Period (SEP): Find out how employment coverage affects your enrollment options and the best time to sign up.

- Open Enrollment Period: Learn how to review and adjust your coverage annually to ensure it meets your evolving needs.


🔹 Why This Matters:

Missing enrollment periods can lead to penalties and coverage gaps. This video empowers you with the knowledge to make timely and informed decisions about your Medicare coverage.


🔹 Stay Informed:

Subscribe to our channel for more insightful videos to guide you through the complexities of Medicare. Have questions or need personalized advice? Contact 'The Medicare Compass with Niki' for expert guidance tailored to your unique healthcare journey.


📌 Timestamps:

0:00 - Introduction to Medicare Enrollment

0:30 - Understanding the Initial Enrollment Period

1:00 - Navigating the General Enrollment Period

1:30 - Special Enrollment Period Explained

2:00 - Making the Most of Open Enrollment


👉 Call to Action:

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