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Health Plan for Just 2 Employees? YES!

So, I talk to startup owners, entrepreneurs and small business owners all the time and I always get asked the same question. As a startup, we only have two employees, can we get an employee benefits plan so that we can help grow? The short answer is yes! There are some rules and stipulations. but if you're willing to go through the process, you can create an employee benefits program that is going to help you attract and retain those employees for your startup. I'm Niki Trentacosta, and I help startups scale by consulting on Employee Benefits programs. I can talk to you about the ins and outs of small group plans and be able to coach you so that you can grow, sustain your employees and retain your key staff. I look forward to talking to you and until we do speak, stay happy, stay healthy, and be sure to wash your hands. #employeebenefits #startup #smallbusiness #healthinsurance #consultant

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