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What Do You Do? - NO!!! - Ask This Instead!

I love going to networking events. But there's two things that always always happen. Whenever you walk up to someone new, they ask your name. And then they say, Hey, what do you do? And in my opinion, those are the two top things that people actually always forget.

I wish that what people would do is shake hands and say, What do you love doing about your job? Or what's your favorite part about your career? Everybody knows that My name is Niki Trentacosta, especially if you follow me on social media. And you probably all also know that I'm an insurance advisor, and I help people shop for and administer employee benefits. But today, I want to tell you why I love what I do. And what drives me.

My favorite thing is educating small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to scale their business with an employee benefits strategy that they can use year over year, I get pride of educating employees on how to utilize their benefits in a cost effective manner. And I cannot wait to have a renewal with an employer and tell him that the rates are manageable, that we did create a benefits program that we're going to be able to utilize again this next year.

As you already know, I'm Niki Trentacosta and I'm president of the Tanna group. If you are not 100% satisfied with your employee benefits broker currently, or you're looking at implementing an Employee Benefits Program, why not use somebody like the Tanna group who cares so much about you and your business? I want to be a strength person on your bench. I want to be a consultant to help you be able to create business and grow effectively. I look forward to talking to you. And until we do speak, I hope that you stay happy, stay healthy. And of course, be sure to wash your hands.

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