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Waves, Relaxing or Terrifying?

I did it, I went to the beach. We have done all the things to comply with COVID-19 until we finally decided to travel. Keeping as distanced as possible, we are trying to support communities and stay safe.

I was down at the water with my son. He is 6. All he wanted to do was get crashed by the waves. As a mother, I was terrified he would get sucked under and be lost in the surf, but for him, it was the most exciting experience. He kept saying “It’s so relaxing. Don’t you think it is relaxing to get smashed by the waves?”. I could see his body through the waves as he kicked and controlled himself through the pressure of the wave. He was so thrilled from the success and excitement; he was willing to jump right into the next wave.

It reminded me of how we struggle sometimes. If you are anything like me, you might feel like you are trying to swim through huge waves every day. Making the calls, sending the emails, keeping the family and house in order can really take a toll on our souls.

I hope I can keep the idea that when the pressure is over the thrill of the success will be worth jumping into the next wave. And if we forget, just find a 6 year old to talk to. They will remind us how to be human and experience life with the thrilling excitement that only a 6 year old can.

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