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Healthcare Advocacy and YOU.

Have you ever been referred to see a specialist and not had any idea if it was the right thing to do? We are supposed to trust our doctors, but sometimes we get surprised with out of network bills or charges that we weren't expecting. Do you wish you had someone outside of your insurance company that could answer your questions? A healthcare advocacy service can help. This service is outside of your insurance and can help you navigate a treatment plan that is best for you!

Here a a few of the things an advocacy service can do:

Clarify benefits Answer questions about tests, treatments and medications

Coordinate care among multiple providers

Assist with eldercare and related healthcare issues

Arrange second opinions

Transfer medical records

Find options for non-covered services

Provide information about generic drug options

Untangle medical bills and insurance claims

Work to negotiate discounts on your behalf, no matter your benefit status

Reach out today for more info. Your wallet will thank you. https://www.thetannagroup.com

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