COVID-19 Workplace Transition

As a benefits consultant, I get the privilege of speaking with business owners regularly. One of the hot topics of discussion this week has been how to transition employees back into the workplace. With the state of our country and the stress that we have all been exposed to over the past few months, there are many considerations we can not ignore. If we don’t lead our employees into a safe workplace we will definitely pay in the long run. I am reaching out today to learn about how you are planning your transition. Are you phasing your employees return? Maybe keeping some employees remote permanently? What considerations have you made about the emotional stress on your employees as they navigate their return to the office? I’d love the opportunity to collaborate with you about your return to work plan. I could share resources and provide your company free support as you review your specific strategy. I can be reached at, and on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We can even connect directly. Just email me here:

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