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The Tanna Group has the advantage of perspective and understanding how a benefits offering affects your company.  As a benefits consulting firm, advising leadership on corporate benefit packages and providing a deep understanding of plan designs allows your company to get the most from your investment.

Manage Healthcare Costs

Offering multiple solutions for your diverse employee population can help lower premium costs as well as display thoughtful consideration from the employee group.  Simply adding a consumer driven healthcare option paired with a more traditional option can be the key to saving money and boosting employee moral. 

Attract & Retain Employees

Benefits can be the deciding factor in recruiting and retaining top talent.  Partnering with The Tanna Group will allow your company the advantage of benefits and HR consulting for the best outcome for recruiting.


The Tanna Group focuses heavily on compliance and regulations mandated on state and national levels.  Compliance will be the least of your concern as you are informed and assisted by our team.  

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